“Juxiang” full-automatic setting machine be awarded as the national key product
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Congradulations to the fact that Juxiang full-automatic setting machine be awarded as the national key new product.

 Shandong Juxiang machinery Co., Ltd, as the national brick and tile energy-saving machinery designated production unit, developed man-made brick-setting alternative equipment: full-automatic setting machine.A setting machine is able to grasp 585 bricks at most every time, and cost 45 seconds each cycle period, a setting machine can replace the workload of 14-16 persons, and can setting more than 400,000 bricks each day, and just this one side each machine can add benefits of 500,000 yuan for the enterprise.

On such basis, the company can accelarate the step of the upgrade of products consistently in accordance with customers requirments. Our company developed the full-automatic setting machine which can be fit for the tunnel kiln with different kiln shape and section. The second generation of setting machine (ZMPB) promote the driving ability, simplify the machine construction, and strenthen the control precise, ZMPC setting machine has solid entire construction, operates smoothly and has low noises, can satisfy the setting brick for greater span of the kiln. ZMPD increases a horizontal moving organ, can set bricks in any position within the side according to the customers requirment, increasing over 30% of efficiency compared to the common setting machine, and its movement precise developed more than 10 times.

At present, Juxiang full-automatic setting machine has applied 10 national patent, including 7 ones which has been authorized. In september, 2014 such technology obtained the Chinas brick and tile industry association technology innovation award, in October, 2014 obtained the national key new product certificate issued by Chinas Science and Technology Department, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Commercial Department, National Bureau of Quality Inspection(programe number: 2014GRC60028), thereby can prove the full-automatic setting machine developed by Shandong Juxiang machinery Co., Ltd has up to domestic advanced level.

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