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Pictures of after-sale service
★Set up the specialized after-sale service department
★Open 24 hour free service hot line
★Establishe 18 special after-sale service stations
★Construct the professional after-sale service team
★Provide 4 after-sale technical service car
★Send the bimonthly of“Juxiang brick industry comprehensive information”freely
★Insist the return visit system, listen to the customer’s opinion

The fine service helps us to go all over China, the reliable product quality helps us to go out of the country, the free telephone consultation brings the intimate service to you, as long as a phone, the left was done by us.

After-sales service management standard
1、Purpose: the product after-sales service is an important part of enterprise management, and the quality of after-sales service will directly affect the enterprise reputation and economic benefits, as to better the management and the product after-sales service, the company makes this standard.
2、Object: after-sales service staff and all of the company’s customers and the product
3、Responsibilities: set up after-sales service department, appoint professional manager to be responsible for the management of the staff, to provide quality services and technical guidance for new customers,resolve the problems when new customer use the product, to make customer satisfaction.
4.1、Select staffs of the hige-level technical, skilled and strong sense of responsibility to make up the after-sales service team, and the after-sales service department give the business skills training and improve the staff’s quality,to make them have basic job skills requirements, and check regularly every year
4.2After-sales service department set up after-sales service management standards, strengthen management,focuse on implementation and check the implementation in the end of each year.
4.3、Open free service hotline, and tell the customers telephone number, 24 hours for customer service, always answer problems of customers in the production.
4.4、Equipped with after-sale service car, provide visiting service at any time, including send needed things to customer and provide installation and maintenance service.
4.5、In product sales more concentrated and distant areas, set up the brick machine parts service stores, as far as possible to let customers save work, save time and save costs, to make the convenience for our customers
4.6、Adhere to the regular review system, at least 2 times every year, the service and marketing manager lead the team , widely understand customer’s using of “Juxiang” brand brick machine,ask customers for advice of brick machine improvement, help customers check up and maintain brick machine equipment, teach technology of production, inspection, maintenance, etc. As quickly solve the problem as find out it , and improve in the subsequent design production.
4.7、Make the bimonthly of“Juxiang brick industry comprehensive information”, mail or send to the customer timely and freely. The main content of the bimonthly is to convey the industry policy, teach industry technology, communication industry information and introduce industry experience, give the customer theory and technical guidance
4.8、The company should has staff on duty 24 hours day and night, enthusiasm and thoughtful service for customer at any time, to meet customer demand.

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