The Shan Dong Ju Xiang Machinery Co., Ltd.founded in 1992, is a medium-sized private enterprise, which is an aggregate of brick machinery equipment as well as the design and manufacture of tunnel kiln project. The company has a lot of the honorary titles: National brick energy-saving machinery manufacture corporation, the vice-president of China Brick Industry Association, excellent standardization enterprise of Shan Dong Province, the famous brand of Shan Dong, innovative and advanced technology corporation of Shan Dong, the ISO9001 international quality management certification enterprise as well as enterprise technology center. In addition to these glorious titles, the company was rated as AAA grade credit in the system of Chinese enterprise credit evaluation. The brand of “Ju Xiang” is famous in Shan Dong province. The company owns 26 national patents including two-stage vacuum extruder, biaxial strength mixer, finely to roll machine, plate, box feeder, beater pulverizer, automatic double bar cutter, hydraulic shovel, robot setting bricks system, automatic setting bricks system, automatic unloading bricks machine and top car, steppers, shuttle bus and so on. Specially, the two-stage vacuum extruder is famous brand in Shan Dong province. The technology created by the company contains, automatic unloading and packing bricks machine, high speed automatic setting bricks machine, JKY75/60-4.0 high speed automatic setting machine, which are ranked as the leading position in China. The production is popular in twenty provinces such as Shan Dong, Shan Xi, He Nan, He Bei, Gan Su, Shan Xi, Inner Mongolia, Xin Jiang, Qing Hai, Ning Xia, Hei Longjiang, Ji Lin, Liao Ning, An Hui, Jiang Su, Jiang Xi, Hu Bei, Hu Nan, Guang Xi, Tian Jing. Moreover, the product exports to Vietnam, Mongolia, and Kyrgyzstan and so on.

The company owns the certification of national secondary construction qualification and 12 professional project teams. The company is able to afford the design of tunnel kiln, processing set-up, masonry, the produceinstall and debug of equipment, undertake turnkey projects such as sintered porous brick, hollow bricks, insulation block new wall materials.

In September 2014, the company succeeded in restructuring to complete the enterprise, and on March 6, 2015, the company became a member of national small and medium-sized enterprises stock transfer system listed in Beijing, becoming the first one that own the stock code in the brick and tile industry(stock code: 832082).

Ju-xiang adhering to personalized design concept according to local conditions and the appropriate size, and appropriate pre-sale, sale, after-sales service to enable you to quickly realize asset value!    
Honored Customers, Please remember “JU-XIANG” trademark and our long lasted promise:

    1. In normal use conditions, the damaged tile machinery parts can be changed free of charge within three months (except for man-made accidents and wearing parts)

      2. Host key large  damaged within one year, the company provided the same type of new parts free of charge (except for bearings, clutches, and other fragile pieces of ion)


       3. The company opened a 24-hour service hotline (4006185518), answers the questions of customers at any time, equipped with four special vehicles, and supplies timely on-site service.


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